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Personal Injury

Scott Kalish Attorney & Counsler at Law strategically approaches each and every personal injury case. He investigates liability, insurance coverage and sources of recovery. Each client's medical care is closely monitored. Evidence is obtained and carefully analyzed.

Finally, in many cases, a detailed, comprehensive, report is prepared. This report thoroughly and comprehensively documents the facts of the incident, liability, as well as the client's injuries and damages.

All of the above advance the client's cause with the goal of maximum recovery in the least amount of time. If the claim does not resolve through settlement, the wheels are put in motion to take the case to trial (or arbitration if required by contract).

Whether you have experienced neck and back injuries due to a traffic accident or have suffered catastrophic injuries, Scott Kalish will effectively advance your cause.

If you've been injured, contact Scott Kalish at 216-502-0570 for free a consultation.